Welcome to my blog and my first awkward post….


Well, this is my new blog and welcome. The first post of a blog is often a bit awkward in my experience. I guess it’s because your not sure who you are writing to, no overall mood has been set for your blog yet, no previous post to build off of, it’s a blank slate and quiet frankly that can be weird and a bit scary.

This isn’t my first blog, I have had many. Some of my old blogs have been fairly successful with a large number of viewers and subscribers while a few of them have been total flops. I guess we will see how this one goes. Writing is something I enjoy, I may not be inherently good at writing but I do enjoy it and having a blog gives me an outlet to get out what I want to say, share with the world and put pen to paper so to speak. So bare with me and if you are so inclined, enjoy the ride.


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